Turn Around.

A few days ago I was told about this site, see I have been looking for a place to write down my thoughts and several questions - I have many. I don't like so much writing them down in just my journal because I want to hear some other solutions, situations, or answers. I can't have any of those if I just keep them to myself. I have a Myspace but its just so crowded with inmature teens trying to have there 15 minutes of fame. I'm looking for real answers from real people, not "OMG UR SO HOTT!" (The texting language should only be used for texting.)

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sending me birthday wishes. And welcome to the blogging community.

Unknown said...

you will Love bloggin-it is such a release...I just cant do myspace

Unknown said...

i got your comment but cant reply to it...if you want to email me georgienba at gmail dot com I will answer any q's you may have also if you click tutorials in my label cloud you can find some fun things to change/do with your blog