The Holiday Spirit

In the spirit of giving many people give out whatever they seem to think others will enjoy, in some cases its right the opposite. They are giving out what they themselves didn't particularly care for, this is known as "regifting". Regifting is when you wrap up a gift that you have recieved at some point and decided that you didn't like it but someone you know will. So you wrap it up and give it to that person, they might even do the same thing.

There are a few "rules" that you should know about regifting:

  1. Do update the wrapping. One of most common regifting give aways (other than leaving the previous gift card attached) is to regift in the original, now crinkled and possibly ripped wrapping paper or box.

  2. Do keep track of who gave it to you first. Keep a small notebook of who gave you what, this way you don't give back a gift that you recieved to the exact same person. That is a just a problem/fight waiting to happen.

  3. Do have the courtesy to clean your regifts. Some hand-me-downs can be passed off as regifts if the packaging is intact, like the wine glasses you've belatedly decided to share with a loved one. Just wash the lipstick off the rim, okay.

  4. Don't give partially used gift cards. As technology pushes the envelope of regifting possibilities, the chance of looking like a ninny only grows. Don't give a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble that has $14.56 left on it. Would you give a pie with a slice taken out of it? I would hope not.

Does this make that gift any less special or is it just a good way to save some money and to actually allow someone to benefit from something that would otherwise be trashed? Do you think this is all in bad or good sport?

2 ~*Comments*~:

Unknown said...

I dont mind re-gifted gifts but I dont re-gift unless we are doin a white elephant exchange then it is perfectly acceptable lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what my opinion is. I've never done it, but I don't think I would mind as long as it was something that they legitimately thought I would like and wasn't just giving it to give it to someone.