Save the Penis!

Doctors are saying that the tolet should be left open to help the penises of young male toddlers.

Reason: Tolet seats are falling down on newly trained toddlers and reports on four boys (in Britian) between the ages of 2 and 4 to have over night stays in hospitals. One doctor says,

"As Christmas approaches many families will be visiting relatives and friends and their recently toilet-trained toddlers will be keen to show how grown-up they are by going to the toilet on their own," Philip said. "It is important that parents check out the toilet seats in advance, not to mention the ones they have in their own homes, and accompany their children if necessary."

So my question today is do you leave the seat up or down? If you have kids that a potty trained already did you ever have this problem?

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Mel-2nd Chances said...

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Anonymous said...

Down. No men around. But that really is horrible and I never would have thought about it.

Whitney said...

Leaving the seat up helps keep the seat clean. Men or boys may pee with the seat down and soil it. Women, who would have to touch the seat, could lower it and find a clean seat. But, the cleanest way to keep a toilet is for everyone to use it sitting down--much less splattering onto the seat, floor, walls.

As a young boy I leaned my head against the seat while up in order to keep it from falling. I'm sure it was filty, but I needed a solution.